Electronic Discharge Machining (EDM), CNC/Sinker and Wire EDM. Expert, precision machining of conductible materials typically resistant to traditional machining methods. Fast, accurate turnaround on complex parts where dimensions and tolerance are crucial Our high quality electrical discharge machining services include high speed EDM drilling, wire EDM, EDM micro-hole drilling, and other related services.  
    Form G Tech Co is one of the largest licensed producers of Taptite cold heading tooling in North America. Form G Tech Co can hold tolerances on "C" and" E" dimensions within .0002" with a micro finish.  
    Form G Tech Co is one of the largest licensed producers of MAThread cold heading tooling in North America. Our company is recognized for having the highest quality available in mathread tooling.  
    Form G Tech Co is capable of producing flat thread roll dies as small as 00 and as big as #70's. Form G Tech is the only supplier or surface ground mathread roll dies in the world. Typical roll die delivery is 2-3 weeks unless needed hot, which dies can be produced overnight.  
3D Solid Modeling
  Form G Tech's design engineers are ideal partners for your project. Because they are well versed in the toolinging and die modeling process, they can interpret your designs correctly and contribute quality-enhancing, cost-cutting solutions to the design challenges you face.  
  Our engineers are highly knowledgeable in optimizing part design, die design and construction, process and quality control, and the production of high quality parts within cost estimate, while maximizing die life.  
Part Development Assistant
  Services offered by Form G Tech include CAD/CAM support, design assistance, initial tool tryout, production facilities and rapid prototyping.  
Complete Engineering Services

Form G Tech provides engineering serives for any of the following:

Carbide Die and Related Steel, Complete Dies Assembles, Dies for progressive stamping, cases, punches, Cutoff Knives, Inserts, Quills, Point Dies, Feed Rolls, Weld Nibs, Die Blocks, Fillers, Annular Rings, Mathread Specialist, Trap Extrusions, Serrations, Special Extrusions, Wire E.D.M, Punch cases, Hex Wafers, Sinker E.D.M, Ball Studs, Trilobe.

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